Delivering our first Colibri Wings Scholarship!

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

2020 was a very challenging year for all businesses and entrepreneurs. However, our mission and commitment to provide our first scholarship was the strength to keep us moving forward. After two years of effort and commitment, we feel very excited and proud to introduce the student that has won the first Colibri Wings scholarship!

Her name is Gabriela Gutierrez, she is a talented student that showed she had the discipline and commitment to pursue and overcome every obstacle in order to succeed in her professional career. We are very proud of her!

Gabriela Gutiérrez is 22 years old and is the youngest of her two brothers and two sisters. She enjoys spending time together and learning from them through their experiences and advice. Her parents have been divorced for a long time and she currently lives with her mother, who has been her guidance in each stage of her life.

Gabriela says her mother is her daily motivation and life example to follow, and how constant effort can lead us to fulfill our goals. “Her support has been unconditional and without her contribution I could not have advanced to this point of my career.”

“I am eternally grateful to Colibri Wings. I know that the effort in my classes, my grades and GPA was the reason to receive the first Colibri Wings scholarship”.

“At 18 years old, given the circumstances, I could take the path of work or study and focus to get the most out of being able to fulfill my dream. I chose to study Graphic Design; a career that I am passionate about, in which I can observe has a wide field to develop my knowledge and contribute what I learn. During these years in the career I have been able to strengthen my desire to improve myself, have a broader vision of design and have had constant learning opportunities to move forward in a competitive world.

During 2020, in the midst of everything that was happening in the world and with concern for the uncertainty of not being able to afford another semester at the University, I was awarded a scholarship by Colibri Wings. Thanks to this miracle received from Colibri Wings, I was able to sign up for this last semester in college. I remember having the call from the University. I was at home with my mother and we couldn’t stop crying when we received that miraculous call. I was so thankful that I was going to finish my dream. I want to set my own example of helping others and it is what I have promised myself to transmit and support in the same way to other students in the future and create a chain of miracles.

Thank you to my parents, my family, the University, Colibri Wings and my wishes to improve and to fight for my dreams. I want to continue learning, improving myself, being better and helping others, travel and be an example that every effort is worth it.”

Sources: Gabriela Gutierrez biography

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